A unique pathway to a wilder way of living

April to October 2023
Devon, UK
The Old Way Immersion
is a deep dive into the concept of re-wilding,
exploring the hunter-fisher-gatherer life-ways of our ancestors
in a modern context,
living with nature now, for a more resilient future. 

There are many aspects to hunter-gatherer life and our particular focus on this course is on food procurement and deep connection to the land through practical engagement,​ seeking to find our place once again within our ecology: human beings as a keystone species, living lightly as part of nature.  

Immerse yourself in the ancient arts of hunting, fishing and foraging, tracking and bird language, primitive crafts, movement and mindfulness in the landscape.

Weave together the different threads of re-wilding philosophy, both intellectually and in practice, and align yourself with your personal indigeny.


Experience life and the land through the lens of a hunter-gatherer and

learn from the Old Way as we prepare for an uncertain future.


The Old Way Immersion is made up of 5 gatherings.
It spans 6 months from April to October and is based in 4 wild locations in Devon, UK.
Click on the links below to read more about each module.
5 days in a Woodland
5 days on a River Estuary
5 days at the Coast
4 days on Dartmoor
3 days Homecoming
These UK gatherings are part of a 6 month immersive programme and are not currently available individually.

The Old Way is aimed at people with some previous outdoor experience. If you are new to wild camping and bushcraft or you'd like to brush up on outdoor living skills such as lightweight camping, putting up tarp shelters, outdoor cooking, basic fire lighting and management, outdoor hygiene and so on, we highly recommend you come on our Wild Camp Fundamentals weekend.   

 These skills will enable you to get the most out of the more in-depth Old Way programmes and will be especially useful for the final module of the Immersion as well as the Kalahari Expedition. If you're unsure about your level of experience please feel free to call us.

Old Way - River-6.jpg

The Old Way is hosted by Robin Bowman and Emily Fawcett, along with experienced outdoor guides 

Charlie Loram, Linda Lemieux, Jessie Watson-Brown, Sam Kouzarides, John Elsworthy, Ruth Webb and Sharif Adams.

Past guest contributors include Bruce Parry, Martin Shaw, Jon Young, Jessie Watson-Brown and Mac Macartney


“An amazing life changing experience, physically and emotionally challenging, highly rewarding and transformational, learning from people who are highly skilled and authentic to their values and craft, creating a beautiful community.”  Participant 2018

“I truly believe there is nothing else out there in the world like this.  It is an incredibly magical and potent experience.  If you want to know what it feels like to live the way we predominantly have on our human journey - in connection to land, self and community, go on the journey of The Old Way”. Participant 2018


“It WILL change your life.”  Participant 2018