Explore the estuary by canoe

May 20th to 24th
Dart Estuary

Paddle down the brackish waters of the estuary past bluebell woods, harvesting mussels, oysters and clams and grazing on young beech leaves as we move quietly downstream as a group.  

Wild camp on the shore, building fire the ancient way, make natural cordage and learn the art of net-making.  Learn how to turn deerskin into soft buckskin.

Deepen your ability to read the language of the birds at the height of the nesting season and so unlock the secrets of the landscape.  

This is the perfect place to learn how to fish for estuarine species using ancient and modern methods.

Get used to spotting resources, mapping the landscape, and crafting on the move, so there's always cordage ready for fishing or lashing, or a digging stick at hand when we come across a patch of burdock.