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Our flagship course is a unique pathway to a wilder way of living.  Join us as we take deep dive into the concept of rewilding and explore the foraging, hunting and fishing life-ways of our ancestors in the modern context, living with and from the land now, for a more resilient future.  It weaves together the different threads of rewilding, aligning us with our personal indigeny.

The Immersion spans 6 months and is made up of 4 camps in diverse wild locations in Devon.

Woods camp - April 20th to 24th 2024

River camp - May 20th to 24th 2024

Coast camp - July 5th to 9th 2024

Wild Living camp - September 20th to 26th 2024





Join our monthly rewilding group for mentoring in wild food and natural movement.

Incorporate the wild into your everyday life and reclaim your natural human fitness through regular participation in hunter-gatherer activities. 

Forage, hunt and fish, moving and eating the way nature intended.

Monthly meetups, year round, in different wild locations in Devon, following seasonal wild food abundances.


£70 to £90 per month - Currently full.




Everything you need to know to get out there and camp in the wild. 

This introductory course is open to anyone but we heartily recommend it if you are new to outdoor living and you want to make the most of your time on the more in-depth courses we offer, have a chance to meet some of the team and begin your rewilding journey. 


Dates TBC





Experience the freedom of wild camping on Dartmoor, carrying everything you need on your back.  Forage for wild greens, track animals, wild swim, sleep under the stars, learn natural navigation, how to find wild water as well as the best ways to walk and carry a pack.

Dates TBC


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