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“An amazing life changing experience, physically and emotionally challenging, highly rewarding and transformational, learning from people who are highly skilled and authentic to their values and craft, creating a beautiful community.”  Flora

“I have indeed “come home”.  I feel connected deeply to the land and to our tribe and that we have truly lived “the Old Way”.  I’m truly blessed and honoured to have had this experience and the safe container that has allowed me to fully show up and push my edges and grow deeply and authentically.”  Sarah


“Before this journey I thought about what it means to be indigenous.  I crossed a threshold.  Now, I feel it.”  Ben



Video testimonial from the 2018 Tribe

(The Old Way course) will take you apart and put you back together again having exposed hidden and visible parts of you to incredible experiences in Nature and having connected you to others and yourself in a deep and profound way”  Jack


“A far deeper level of thinking over simply bushcraft/survival courses”  Raj


“(I felt) more supported physically, emotionally and mentally than ever in my life”  Raj

“(The food was) incredible and above all expectations.  You could put together a cook book! Deep thanks to the integrity shining through the food.”  Joana


“The experience with the bushmen has had the biggest effect on my understanding of it is to be indigenous.  To be around people who are so themselves and who are so at home in their environment was and is so inspiring. So many opportunities to be connected to my land have encouraged this.”  Nat


"Having seen the Ju/Hoansi way of living it was brilliant to return and see how close we can start to get here to living with indigenous elements”  Jack

“(My understanding of what it means to be indigenous) has changed from a purely romantic, theoretical idea to being a concrete, tangible path”  Josh


“ “You don’t know what you are missing until you experience the lacking” - FULL FULL FULL of experiences and opportunities on a practical level, but the real beauty is in what it means to be part of a tribe”  TJ

“Being part of a tribe is a humbling and uplifting experience and the reflections I have seen in everyone around me have helped me see myself differently”  Josh


“I have gone through so many edge experiences and have had the rites of passage I dreamed of.  I’ve found a strength and bravery I wasn’t aware of before.”  Sarah

“I truly believe there is nothing else out there in the world like this.  It is an incredibly magical and potent experience.  If you want to know what it feels like to live the way we predominantly have on our human journey - in connection to land, self and community, go on a journey with The Old Way”. Sarah


“It WILL change your life.”  Josh

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