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The ability to feel at home in the wild, sleep under the stars, cook over a simple flame

and carry all you need on your back creates a sense of freedom unlike anything else.

This was once how all humans lived.


Prior to agriculture and sedentism humans were nomadic, living in temporary camps carrying all their possessions with them. In some parts of the world people still practice this original way of living. Wild camping is so much more than an outdoor pursuit; it’s a pathway to re-engage with our evolutionary biology. A backpacking trip not only gets you fit and gets you out but will leave you feeling deeply rejuvenated as you nourish this ancient expression of being human.

Our Wild Camp weekends are guided by Old Way leaders Emily Fawcett and Charlie Loram who both have decades of experience wild camping, trekking, expedition leading, practicing bushcraft and living outdoors.



This course is a fun, safe and gentle introduction to wild camping and basic bushcraft where your fears will be quelled and your questions answered.

The weekend takes place at a beautiful private woodland site on Dartmoor. We will be outdoors for the whole time and based at this one location. We won't be walking and carrying a rucksack on this particular Wild Camp course.

You will learn how to:

  • Stay safe

  • Travel light

  • Sleep under the stars

  • Cook using different stoves and fuels

  • Use a knife safely

  • Set up a simple shelter

  • Use a few practical knots

  • Find and filter water

  • Poo, wee, bleed and wash in the wild

  • Choose and wear the right clothes

  • Pack, adjust and carry a rucksack comfortably

  • Choose the right equipment for you

  • Understand wild camping codes and law

The course is for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors and is looking for a springboard to beginning their rewilding journey.  We also thoroughly recommend it if you are planning on coming on the Wildcamp Walkabout or the Immersion and need to brush up on your basic skills as it will enable a much richer experience.

Dates TBC




For thousands of years our ancestors on these islands were semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.  We'll follow in the footsteps of our forbears as we move out across the landscape, carrying our provisions with us.

You'll experience the expansive beauty of Dartmoor, one of England's last wild spaces, as we travel through ancient oak forest and over the high moor and begin to see the land through the lens of a hunter-gatherer as you attune your senses and awareness.


Join us to:

  • Experience the freedom of travelling light

  • Learn how to walk and carry a pack in ways that nourish your body using the Alexander Technique

  • Navigate using map, compass, stars, sun, wind and plants

  • Forage for wild greens

  • Cook nourishing meals over a simple flame

  • Learn to read track and sign

  • Discover bird language

  • Wild swim

  • Sleep under the stars

We will be covering 4 to 8 miles per day. Adequate fitness level and basic backpacking kit necessary.  Our wild camp weekends are for adults but we also welcome mature, self-contained and enthusiastic teenagers accompanied by a parent.

Dates TBC


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"This course is truly life changing and I am raving about it to everyone I know!"   Participant 2020

"I came to the Wild Camp Fundamentals course feeling irreversibly domesticated, anxious about my own limitations, and wondering if I would ever be able to connect or interact with nature in the way that I so yearned for. I felt grief for a way of life denied to me by modern culture. I cannot thank you enough for this course - it is EXACTLY what I needed and it has truly changed my life! I can't wait for the next adventure!”   Participant 2020

"The Wild Camp Fundamentals Course brought such hope and joy into my life, and reconnected me to something simple and primal that feels like a forgotten birthright."  Participant 2021

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