Old Way Immersion 2022

Woods Camp - 25th to 29th March

River Camp - 13th to 17th May

Coast Camp - 13th to 17th July

Moor Camp - 24th to 30th September

Kalahari Expedition 2022 - 26th Oct to 11th Nov

Wild Camp Fundamentals 2022 - 27th to 29th May

Old Way Immersion 2023

Woods Camp - 12th to 16th April

River Camp - 8th to 12th May (approx, exact dates TBC)

Coast Camp - 3rd to 7th July

Moor Camp - 8th to 11th September

Homecoming Camp - 20th to 22nd October

Wild Camp Fundamentals 2023 - dates TBC

Kalahari Expedition 2024 - exact dates TBC