Wild camp and Coastal Forage

July 2nd to 6th 2020
South Devon Coast

Camp on the wild South Devon shore at the height of Summer, getting acquainted with the ebb and flow of the tides. 

Track animals and birds soon after sunrise when the sand is still damp and perfect for beginning the ancient art of stepping into the mind of the animal through the understanding of gaits.

Make your own mackerel feathers and fish the deep water from the rocks at high tide.  Spin for bass off the beach. Bait fish at night for dogfish and other small sharks, use hand-lines from a kayak, and try your hand at spear fishing.


First Nations peoples say "at low tide the table is set" and we will follow this wisdom gathering winkles, whelks and limpets, red, brown and green seaweeds from the exposed rocks, and prawns from the pools.  We'll set long-lines and crab pots in the rocky gullies, dig for bait and razor clams and search for shrimps in the sand.


Enjoy the slow pace of life of the hunter-gatherer while making a hazel and rawhide backpack or crafting fishing tackle on the beach, and sing a few sea-shanties together as you tan fish skins.

Watch the sunset over the sea while feasting on lobster, rock samphire, seabeet and an assortment of seaweeds and share stories around the fire.