a walkabout on dartmoor

September 16th to 20th 2020

For 800,000 years our ancestors on these islands were semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.  Follow in the footsteps of our forbears as we move out across the landscape as a small tribe, carrying provisions with us, sharing in the old way.

Hone your skill in natural navigation, using sun and wind, lichens and plants for orientation and to find food and water sources.

Wild camp under rock shelters, listening to the song of the river and the tawny owls, and rise by the sound of the birds.

Fish for trout with a simple rod and hook, and gather one of our indigenous staple foodplants from the water's edge.

In early autumn there should be plenty of mushrooms, fruit and hazelnuts to forage on as we wander through ancient oak forest and over the high moor.  Over the Summer each of us will have opportunity to prepare wild food to bring to share between us.