coming back to your tribe

April 15th to 19th 2020

In this beautiful woodland on the Northeastern flank of Dartmoor we'll meet and settle into life together as a band, sharpening our senses to reclaim a natural human awareness, re-attuning to the land around us and the other species in it. 

Hone your tracking skills and tap into the universal language of birds and animals, remembering skills our ancestors used without thinking, and using this knowledge to help harvest some meat from the land.  We will be joined by Sharif Adams. Sharif could be described as an indigenous British hunter with years of experience hunting in this part of Dartmoor and who understands intimately the subtle nuances of animal behaviour and changes in the landscape.  If luck is on our side we may cull a deer, and catch a rabbit or two, honouring the animals in the ancient way.

Build your relationship with fire. Attune to the ancient mode of being in the landscape of the hunter-gatherer with natural movement practitioner Charlie Loram.  Forage for early greens and make a foraging basket for the year ahead with renowned basketmaker Linda Lemieux.


Huddle in and sing around the lodge fire, and hear tales from Mac Macartney of our own indigenous British heritage..