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More About Robin Bowman

Robin has run nature connection and wilderness skills and awareness events and camps with a variety of organisations, charities and schools for 18 years.

Many moons ago he was also one of the founding members of Landmatters Permaculture Community, and lived in a bender he made out of hazel for 6 years.

Nowadays, as well as being an integral part of the Art of Mentoring and 8 Shields movement in the  UK, Robin runs Hunger Games themed camps for teenagers through WildWise. He also facilitates their ‘Call of the Wild’ program.  

For the charity Write to Freedom, he works with young prisoners and recovering adult addicts. Robin shares his skills, knowledge and experience with stories, games, passion and humour.


He also manages a 42 acre woodland called ‘Moor Barton Rewilding Project ‘which he manages as a venue for organisations to run camps, to rewild people and for the land to rewild itself and increase bio-diversity.


In his 'spare time' (ha ha ha) he lives with his young family in the middle of Dartmoor running a smallholding. 

Robin has recently become a falconer and has trained a young unhandled Harris Hawk he's named Yarak.  He can regularly be found out hunting with his hawk round the woods, fields and moorlands of Dartmoor in the daytime and on moonless nights. 

He is passionate about providing protein and food for his family's dinner table and loves nothing more than fishing, foraging and hunting for food on the estuary, coastlines and woodlands of Devon. 

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