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Our courses are aimed at adults, but we welcome teenagers who are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

No previous experience is necessary, though a real enthusiasm for adventure is essential. This isn't glamping. It will be a raw, primal experience where at times you will find yourself face to face with the elements. An ability to be adaptable to changing circumstances, plans and weather conditions will be needed. 


Participants must be willing to work in a group.  Evidence suggests that the optimum number in a successful hunter-gatherer band is 20. For this reason we are limiting the number of participant places to 16 and invite you to 


As some of the content will involve moving across the landscape on foot or by water, a good level of fitness is required.  You will need to be able to walk at least 5 miles a day, carrying sleeping gear and food, over consecutive days.


You will need to be able to handle heat and have nerves: in Namibia the temperatures will be high at times. We will also be on foot in an environment with big cats, scorpions, snakes and other hazards.  Please do contact us if you're unsure.


This is a tricky one in today's world.  While we fully understand and respect the political, moral, environmental and personal reasons for being vegan or vegetarian, this course is about exploring the life-ways of our hunter-fisher-gatherer forbears who relied on animal protein for survival, and we see local wild food, including meat, fish and shellfish, as an essential element.  As far as possible we will be sourcing local game, and other foods that would have been available to our ancestors.

There will also be some hands-on processing of meat and fish.  Please note also that food other than meat in Namibia is very expensive as it has to be imported from other countries due to the harsh climatic conditions. 

For these reasons we regret that we are unable to cater for non-meat diets.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this.


It would be useful to seek out an elder , anchor or mentor outside the program - other than your partner - who can catch your stories as they unfold throughout the year, who can support you and who can acknowledge the journey you have taken on completion. 

We will also be encouraging peer mentoring and suggesting ways to keep the hunter-gatherer mindset going between sessions.


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