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For thousands of years humans were nourished by

deer, salmon, acorns and berries,

shaped and sheltered by the land they lived on.

What would it feel like to rewild?  

To come home to a sense of true belonging?

The Old Way offers unique pathways to a wilder way of living,

learning from our ancient hunter-gatherer past, living now for the future.

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Our flagship course is a 4 part deep dive into the concept of rewilding, exploring the hunter-fisher-gatherer lifeways of our ancestors in a modern context.
From April to September join experienced guides for 4 immersive camps in woodland, estuarine and coastal ecosystems in Devon, focusing on food procurement, ancient crafts and deep connection to the land through authentic practical engagement.

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Join our monthly rewilding group and receive mentoring in wild food and natural movement.

Incorporate the wild into your everyday life and reclaim your natural human fitness through regular participation in hunter-gatherer activities. 

Harvest wild food abundances through the seasons; move and eat the way nature intended..

Monthly meetups, year round, in different locations in Devon.

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We offer various weekend camps for people looking to begin or further their journey into rewilding.  Learn the art of wild camping on our Wild Camp Fundamentals course which will set you up perfectly for your own expeditions.  Or come on an adventure with us and learn some of the old ways of navigation, tracking and bird language, foraging and finding wild water as we travel through breathtaking landscapes.

"I feel like I started this course with an unknown ember left from my ancestors and The Old Way ignited it into a beautiful flame in my heart. I will be forever grateful to the people that run this course, it's extraordinary."   Jeni 2022.

“I truly believe there is nothing else out there in the world like this.  It is an incredibly magical and potent experience.  If you want to know what it feels like to live the way we predominantly have on our human journey - in connection to land, self and community, go on a journey with The Old Way”.   Sarah 2018.


Your rewilded life starts here

It has been an honour to have spent time working and learning alongside the Ju/Hoansi San people of the Kalahari over the years.  Our teaching continues to be inspired and informed by this experience of indigenous culture, for which we are deeply grateful.

The Kalahari Expedition is now run independently from The Old Way by Robin Bowman in collaboration with Louis Liebenburg and the San Master Trackers of the Nyae Nyae. For more information about the trip and the San Tracker Project, please visit



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