For thousands of years humans were nourished by deer, salmon and berries,

shaped and sheltered by the land they lived on.

What would it feel like to re-wild?  

To come home to a sense of true belonging.


From April to December we set up camp in the woods and moors of Devon, UK, travelling along the river to the coast, guided by experienced foragers, hunters and craftspeople who have put down deep roots in this land.

What does it feel like to track roe deer in the spring's early morning mist?

To harvest mussels in the estuary from a canoe?

To be confident in reading tracks and weather patterns, using the birds and lichen as navigation tools?

To move across the landscape as a foraging band, living off the land?

What does it mean to be indigenous to these islands,

to experience life and the land as hunter-gatherers,

to return to the Old Way?

In this context we'll be exploring the ancient arts of hunting, fishing and foraging, tracking and bird language, primitive crafts, movement and mindfulness in the landscape, indigenous song and customs during 

Spring, Summer and early Autumn on

four 5 day camps in various locations in Devon, UK.

When the weather turns cold you can choose to join us on a 2 week adventure to the Kalahari, Namibia, and camp with the oldest tribal hunter-gatherers on Earth, the Ju/hoansi San Bushmen.

There we will experience a landscape alongside plentiful game and large predators, we'll witness and learn with some of the few people who have never stopped being indigenous to their place and in doing so help support the preservation of this ancient culture. 

Put down your hectic schedule and experience the expansive timelessness that is characteristic of hunter-gatherer peoples.


Your re-wilded life starts here.


The Old Way is a 9 month training course in hunter-fisher-gatherer life-ways,

travelling across the seasons and different habitats of Devon and the Kalahari, 

hosted by Robin Bowman and Emily Fawcett, along with experienced bushcraft instructors Charlie Loram, Jessie Watson Brown, Linda Lemieux and Sam Kouzarides, guided in Africa by Louis Liebenberg and the San Bushmen.

  It is affiliated with the San Master Tracker Programme that supports the regeneration of Ju/Hoansi San heritage culture in Namibia.

Past guest contributors include Bruce Parry, Martin Shaw, Jon Young and Mac Macartney.


“I truly believe there is nothing else out there in the world like this.  It is an incredibly magical and potent experience.  If you want to know what it feels like to live the way we predominantly have on our human journey - in connection to land, self and community, go on the journey of The Old Way”.  Sarah, participant 2018.