What would it feel like to track roe deer in the spring's early morning mist?

To harvest mussels in the estuary from a canoe?

To be confident in reading tracks and weather patterns, using the birds and lichen as navigation tools?

To walk the landscape with your tribe, living off the land?

To live in an egalitarian society?

What does it mean to be indigenous to these islands,

to experience life and the land as hunter-gatherers

to return to the Old Way?

In this context we'll be exploring awareness skills, tracking, bird language, ancient crafts, food procurement, movement across the landscape, song and customs during Spring, Summer and early Autumn on four 3-5 day camps in various locations in Devon.

When the weather turns cold we'll set off on a 2 week adventure to Namibia, and journey with the oldest tribal hunter-gatherers on Earth, the Ju/hoansi San Bushmen.

There we will experience a landscape alongside plentiful game and large predators, we'll witness and learn with some of the few people who have never stopped being indigenous to their place, and in doing so help support the preservation of this ancient culture, our own heritage. 

Put down your hectic schedule and experience the expansive timelessness that is characteristic of hunter-gatherer peoples.

Our final session, back in our homeland in Winter, seeks to integrate the paths we have travelled as a tribe over the past four seasons.

In a sense, this yearlong journey across the landscape together is a rite of passage.  In the spirit of the old way we will be inviting elders to be present to mark the beginning and end of this tribal time, to send us off well and to welcome us home again.