Ancestral adventure in Namibia

October 21st to November 3rd 2020
Nyaenyae, Namibia
The Kalahari Expedition is one part of 
The Old Way 9 month training course in Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways.
The Old Way is made up of 5 gatherings in different parts of Devon,
plus this optional 2 week trip to the Kalahari to learn alongside
 a group of Ju/Hoansi San Bushmen in a remote part of Namibia.
The Old Way runs annually from April to December.
The cost of the complete programme including the Kalahari Expedition is £4500.
Please contact us if you are interested in a Kalahari-only trip.
Cost £2500.
Prices do not include your flights and insurance.
This course runs in association with and sponsors Louis Liebenburg's Kalahari Master Tracker Program working for the preservation of San Bushmen culture and ancestral skills.