The Combined 
Hunter-Gatherer Experience

The Old Way Immersion in Devon
plus the Kalahari Expedition

April 2023 to March 2024

The full Old Way experience is an in-depth, hands-on exploration into the concept of rewilding, learning the foraging, hunting and fishing life-ways of our ancestors in a modern context in Britain followed by an extraordinary opportunity to learn, hunt, track and experience tribal living with some of the last remaining hunter-gatherers in the world, the Ju/Hoansi San Bushmen, in a wild camp in the Kalahari Desert.  
It weaves together the different threads of rewilding, helping us to align with our own personal indigeny.


“Before this journey I thought about what it means to be indigenous.  I crossed a threshold.  Now, I feel it.”  Participant 2018


“I have gone through so many edge experiences and have had the rites of passage I dreamed of.  I’ve found a strength and bravery I wasn’t aware of before.”  Participant 2018

“I have indeed “come home”.  I feel connected deeply to the land and to our tribe and that we have truly lived “the Old Way”.  I’m truly blessed and honoured to have had this experience and the safe container that has allowed me to fully show up and push my edges and grow deeply and authentically.”  Participant 2018


"My understanding of indigeny has changed from a purely romantic, theoretical idea to being a concrete, tangible path”  Participant 2018