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More about Charlie Loram

He has led remote treks through the Himalayas and transformational wilderness journeys in the UK; guided adults through rites of passage; written Himalayan trekking books and created a series of long-distance footpath guides to the UK; delivered environmental education to schools across Devon; mentored adults in nature awareness and wilderness skills; coached natural poise and competency in our original evolutionary movement patterns (walking, running, swimming, climbing, lifting, etc) and supported the healing processes of hundreds of individuals as an Alexander Technique teacher. 


On Old Way programmes Charlie helps facilitate human rewilding, teaching by example, humbly and gently working with self and others towards aligning beliefs, skills, lifestyle and movement with embodied well-being.  

Charlie Loram is a lifelong fisherman  whose daily life is orientated by the distant goal of a rewilded, regenerative and resilient life-way embedded in, and living off, the wild land under our feet. One of his feet is firmly planted, through conditioning, in the modern world. Meanwhile his heart helps him create a life deeply inspired by the past, that lives now, for future generations.


In his professional life as an educator and guide, Charlie unassumingly blends experience, capability, presence, balance and kind humour, instilling in those around him an easeful sense of safety and power-with.

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His career wanderings have been guided by the question of how we can move closer to our ancestral norm in order to support greater well-being and health in ourselves, our communities and our land. This trajectory was initiated early in adulthood by an eight year exploration of some of the remoter parts of the Himalaya and more recently given added momentum in the Kalahari, where he experienced ecologically regenerative life-ways that stood in stark contrast to the Eurocentric industrial paradigm he was born into.


He has explored ways out of this dichotomy throughout his life. He spent several years training with Thomas Schorr-Kon (Trackways) and Jon Young (Art of Mentoring/8 Shields), amongst other bushcraft and wilderness skills teachers. He and his family experimented with off-grid living by taking an eighteen month nomadic journey around land-based low-impact communities; over-wintering in a remote woodland in a small yurt; and spending a year in a bow top wagon. He has been involved in various land projects and now sits on the steering group of a Dartmoor based ecological Rewilding Project. His embodiment and movement practice of thirty years continues to help him stay in touch with our natural human state of ease, contentment and flow.


After his early years of being constantly uprooted he planted himself on Dartmoor in 2000, later discovering it to be the home of his ancestors going back hundreds of years. As well as foraging, fishing and hunting small game on the Moor, he and Emily spend some of the warmer months foraging and fishing along the south Devon coast aspiring to follow the likely nomadic flow of our hunter-gatherer forebears who followed the food. Perhaps in winter the sheltered wooded valleys of Dartmoor provided them with venison, small game and firewood; as spring greens matured, they followed the trout-filled rivers to the coast for the summer bounty of fish, crustaceans and seaweed; and then in the autumn returned up the rivers following the sea trout and salmon to the woods and moor to gather berries, nuts and acorns. This is work in progress for us and each year brings us a little closer with new discoveries and understandings. One day perhaps, bands of people will walk this route again living freely off an abundant earth.

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