Knowing your patch

What does it mean to be indigenous to place? Indigenous peoples around the world by definition have a strong connection to the land on which they live. The Maori of Aotearoa (New Zealand) for example, use the words “Tangata Whenua" to refer to the people of a particular piece of land; “of” being an important word here. One way of defining what it means to be indigenous is knowing the land you live on from birth intimately. Knowing how to feed, clothe and house yourself from it. Knowing where your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother harvested acorns in the same way you do today. It is a relationship with the land and a trust that it will continue to sustain your children’s children for generat

Fishing Basics - An interview with Charlie Loram

By the banks of the estuary of the river Dart in Devon, I catch Charlie Loram of The Old Way year course and he shares some great tips about getting started with fishing. Let's start with all that gear... How might I get started with fishing - for example here in the estuary? It all looks so complicated! Fishing is simple to get your head around – it may look complex but its actually not that difficult. I recommend, straight off, the book ‘Sea Fishing’ by Nick Fisher. I’ve had hundreds of fishing books but he simplifies it down to what you might want to eat and what is easy to catch. There's no point going after really difficult things to catch that are not nice to eat! An awful lot of fish